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Gelmeroda, Vollersroda, Mellingen – these small villages near Weimar are inextricably linked with the work of Lyonel Feininger, one of the first teachers at the Bauhaus, and their names invariably come up whenever Feininger is discussed.

Feininger used to go on lengthy tours – often on his bicycle – around the Weimarer Land region, capturing churches and village scenes in minute detail and later working them into his paintings. It is over 100 years since Feininger first came to Weimar. He was the first artist to be appointed to the Bauhaus by Walter Gropius.

Today the Feininger Cycle Route offers an authentic opportunity to retrace the routes of his tours and see many of the same views.

Every year at "Pleinair", schoolchildren from all over Thuringia follow the famous Bauhaus artist by producing "nature notes" which they then incorporate into their art.

The theme of design is also very strong in Apolda, a town known for its knitwear. The Apolda European Design Award offers students at colleges of fashion and design the opportunity to produce their own designs in knitwear factories, continuing the Bauhaus philosophy of creating a unity between art and technology.